Our events

  1. Salon District Habitat

    Salon District Habitat

    Industry professionals will be there to advise you, show you the latest innovations and help you complete all your housing projects.

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  2. Manufest


    Manugypse is celebrating its 40th anniversary at the Centre Expo Terrebonne.

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  3. Canine competition

    Canine competition

    The Chomedey Kennel Club (CCC) is holding its big annual competition at Expo Centre Terrebonne. Various disciplines such as canine conformation, agility, obedience and rally-O has attracted a record number of participants and hundreds of different breeds of dogs.

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  4. Electric vehicule show

    Electric vehicule show

    More than 15 manufacturers of electric vehicles; cars, hybrids, electric bikes, scooters, delivery trucks and more!

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  5. Bridal and Family Show

    Bridal and Family Show

    Experienced professionals are on site to share tips with you, but most importantly, it's the perfect place to have fun and get away with your family.

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